At a glance

  • A chance to see the Pel’s Fishing Owl
  • And the chance to spot the Narina Trogan
  • African Skimmers in abundance

"Sighting of Pel's Fishing Owl."



"Notable for birding, the setting is beautiful and was very quiet...during the day. Nightly entertainment was provided by the hippos..."



"Fantastic place for birding - we only were here for 2 nights, but could have stayed for a week & still loved the place. Viewing a giant kingfisher battering a fish to death, and also saw the pel's fishing owl."



"Giant Kingfisher knocking on our door every morning. Fish Eagle sightings."

Joe & Lauren

South Africa

"The birds early in the morning and the sunrises were amazing."

Reinhard & Dagmar


Xaro Lodge Birding
The Okavango panhandle is home to some 350 species of bird and Xaro Lodge is situated in this focal point of avifaunal diversity. Many special Okavango birds can quite easily be seen here.  It is arguably one of the best places to see Pel’s Fishing Owls and sightings can almost be guaranteed; a guided walk in the right area of undisturbed riparian forest will invariably flush one of these majestic owls from its shady diurnal roost. African Skimmers arrive in late winter when the sandbanks in the river start appearing and almost every exposed sandbank will have a nesting pair during spring.  During spring the water level is at its lowest and large numbers of waterbirds congregate along the main river channel and its surrounding floodplains. These floodplains are then frequented by almost every species of southern African heron and egret. The papyrus swamps are home to the Greater Swamp Warbler and the Coppery-tailed Coucal.

The quiet backwaters of the Ngarange channel just downstream of Xaro is another extraordinary birding area not to be missed. The backwaters in the channel are covered with water-lilies and attracts a multitude of waterbirds which includes large numbers of African Jacana and the occasional Lesser Jacana, the beautiful Pygmy Geese are also plentiful in these habitats. The secretive Allen’s Gallinule is also regularly seen here.

Numerous species of Bee-eaters and kingfishers occur in the area. Colonies of Carmine Bee-eaters are present in spring both upstream and downstream of Xaro Lodge while the White-fronted and Little Bee-eaters are common residents throughout the year. Kingfishers are plentiful but the best time to observe them is in spring when most have nests in the steep embankments along the edge of the river.

The remaining specials are to be found mainly in the riparian forest.  The lodge grounds and its immediate surrounds are the best place to start looking and to explore the surrounding forest and woodland on foot as part of a guided walk. You won’t have to go far to see Swamp Boubou, Hartlaub’s Babbler and even Brown Firefinch.  With a bit more effort you may well find Narina Trogon, Western Banded Snake-eagle, and even a Bathawk during dusk as they hunt bats that fly out over the river.

Xaro Lodge is truly a bird watching and bird photographers haven where special sightings and unique photographic opportunities are certainly the order of the day.

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